Submitting Samples

Minimum Sample Size Guideline:

Fine Aggregate

20lbs. is always enough

Coarse Aggregate

1-4 tests  50-100lbs.


20lbs., with LA 75lbs.


(Moisture – Density, compaction)

Each proctor test requires 75 lbs in addition to material for other testing. 

 A completed Sample Submission Form is required for each sample or group of samples for similar testing.

Please don’t bother writing client information, sample descriptions, testing instructions on sample containers. This information is required “on paper” for office use. Unless the sample is in multiple containers, any labeling on the container itself is not used. Accurate information on the Submission Form is crucial.

If the sample does consist of more than 1 container, note the number of units (bags / boxes / buckets) on the form(s). Only 1 Sample Submission Form is required if the units are identified appropriately, otherwise 1 form per container. When shipping samples, place the Submission Form inside a sandwich bag and place it inside the sample container (preferably after the sample – not before).

NEVER use bucket lids to identify anything about a sample. If shipped by UPS / FedEx, the lid will arrive covered with shipping labels. Bucket lids are removed and discarded upon arrival.

Please keep sample units under 75 lbs. Do not fill buckets to the rim – especially with wet subbase or sand. Full / heavy buckets frequently arrive with the handles broken off making them extremely difficult to handle.

If your goal is to send a 75 lb sample, two 40 lb units are preferable to one 80 lb unit.

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