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Aggregates & Soils Testing is an AASHTO accredited testing laboratory serving the quarry industry and related fields. AST can perform a wide variety of aggregate quality testing as well as general soil testing for construction purposes. All testing is performed in strict accordance with written standards and with the attention to detail required to generate accurate and meaningful results. Testing can be performed according to AASHTO or ASTM methods to meet state requirements for  Pennsylvania, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Ohio, Maryland, West Virginia and Delaware. 


Aggregate Testing Screen

As a small, specialized testing laboratory, we provide unparalleled attention to detail to ensure our customers test results are as accurate as possible.  The links below will describe each of our services in more detail.  If at anytime you have questions not answered on our web site, please email or phone us.
Aggregates Testing

AST performs a variety of tests on crushed and natural stone / sand that are used to evaluate suitability for various uses as construction aggregate.

Soils Testing

AST also offers general physical testing of soils for construction applications.


AST can crush up to 4" material in our laboratory jaw crusher.


Spec Sheet for all services (pdf).

Testing Price Sheet for all services (pdf).