About Us

My name is Ken McNulty and I started AST in 1996. For over 20 years, I was solely responsible for all aspects of running the lab. Petrographic services were provided by an independent geologist, Charles Grenot.

Having had years of previous experience and personally handling every detail of every sample from prep through testing and reporting has given me a very intimate familiarity and knowledge about all the testing being performed. I quickly gained and continued to build an appreciation for the subtle details that can be critical variables in obtaining accurate results.

Being a “one man show” allowed me to develop and refine my sample preparation and testing techniques in order to provide consistent, repeatable and meaningful results to my clients. Aggregates & Soils Testing quickly grew into the largest volume aggregates testing lab in Pennsylvania.

Recently, Charlie Grenot has been considering retirement as AST has been growing beyond my aging ability to handle the workload on my own. As a result, I hired a young geologist to work under Charlie performing petrographic services as well as train to become my Laboratory Manager.

Wesley Kamerer was hired in April, 2017 and is now performing petrographic analysis on coarse aggregates as well as managing the lab with a summertime assistant. Charlie continues to provide petrographic analysis of fine aggregates and insoluble residue samples.

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Wesley Kamerer, Lab Manager / Geologist - wes@aggregatesandsoilstesting.com

Ken McNulty, Owner - ken@aggregatesandsoilstesting.com